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About Us

Meet the women who make the music.


What happens when you have an idea about a group of friends learning something together? That is how Chicamarimba came to be.

In the year 2000, we were a group of long-time friends who decided to learn something new together, so we started studying marimba as a group. We made this effort a priority in our busy lives and started taking classes every Sunday. None of us had ever played this instrument before, and most of us were not musicians. We immediately felt connected to the fun rhythms, singing in the Shona language and learning about the Zimbabwean culture. We supported each other, worked hard to be a strong team and have had many musical adventures.

We are grateful that we have been together for all these years and have the opportunity to work with MyLinda King as our teacher. The idea to take a risk, try something new and learn together has made Chicamarimba a very meaningful part of our lives.

Quince Affolter

Loves to dance….sometimes with her feet, sometimes with her marimba mallets and always with her friends.

Linda Durham

Sun, surf, marimba, does it get any better than this?

Kathleen Fallon

A folk musician gone Zimbabwean who sees playing different kinds of music as metaphor for living life to its fullest.


Alice Goldstein

I love that this music both tells stories and helps us create new ones together.


Sue Stadler

Always has a song running through her head and often out of her mouth.


Carol Tenenbaum

There is nothing like marimba music to make you get up, dance, and feel joyful. To life!

Ellen Wolfson

Loves to build community and create ideas that turn into fun adventures.


René Zingarelli

The joy of celebrating family – whatever shape and form…a marimba family making music tops my list!